The Sensory Connections team

"As a team you offer such a nurturing, safe and happy environment for our children as they battle against their individual challenges. You have always been nurturing, professional, human and honest. As a parent this has been important for us to know exactly how our children are progressing and what more we can do... please keep up your hard work and your belief in the children."   Parent

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Assessments, goal setting,  and a range of interventions tailored to the individual  goals and needs of the child and family.


Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and Language  Pathology Assessments, goal setting, and a range of  interventions, tailored to the individual goals and needs of the child and families.

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Social Skills

Building the child's ability to attend to, socially engage and interact with peers  and to build higher level social skills.

Training & Workshops


Kathy Walmsley, our clinical director, along with our senior clinicians, provide specialist tutoring and mentoring services as well as training workshops to parents, other agencies and professionals both nationally and internationally.

About Us

We are a private paediatric and school age Allied Health therapy practice, founded in 2003 and located at 104 Keightley Road West, Shenton Park 6008, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. We are based in a comfortable home like environment with a range of spaces including a large gym and smaller therapy rooms.

Our team of therapists, all of whom are seniors in their professionals fields, are committed to supporting each child to reach their potential and to empower parents with the knowledge and skills that they need to support their children's development.

We work with children with autistic spectrum disorders, language delays, developmental delays, regulatory and sensory processing disorders, motor based disorders including dyspraxia,  attentional and learning disorders as well as a range of other neurodevelopmental challenges. Our primary specialist areas is with early intervention from birth to 7 years of age.

Our practice provides paediatric Occupational Therapy,  Speech and Language Pathology services and Early Intervention Specialist Services