News Update : Working Virtually to Support your Child and Family.  


We are aware that this is an exceptional stressful and intense period of uncertainty at present given the Covid-19 virus situation
  • Our Sensory Connections therapists and team members are working closely together and are looking after ourselves to stay healthy,  strong and available to you and your child and family.
  • We want to provide assurance that Sensory Connections has been operating as a private therapy practice for over 17 years now and we have a solid and secure base.
  • We are unwavering in our commitment to provide ongoing quality therapy services to your child and family.
  • Our therapists have shifted from provision of the usual face to face consultations to offering remote consultations ( Tele practice) for the present time.
  • We are using Zoom video communications which is an online platform where we are able to speak and see each other without needing to be in the same space.
  • Your therapist can advise you about how to set this up if you are not familiar with this.  Your therapist will be the one to arrange this. You will need to have internet access and a computer / laptop / mobile device with a camera or IPAD to be able to access.
  • We are uncertain as to how long we will need to work in this way. We will be following government guidelines to guide us..
  • Your child’s therapist is available to have a parent consultation with you (via Zoom or over the phone) to talk about the kinds of ways this can work and to plan ahead.
  • Once we have worked with our current clients to set up supports according to their individual needs we will open up to  offer therapy assessment and intervention services to new clients who are registered with us.
  • Families are able to continue to leave their details with us via our reception through

 Virtual Visits – offering remote consultations 

  • There is a range of different ways to work remotely within occupational therapy and speech and language therapy practice . There is research to show that this can be an effective way to work to support children and families.
  • We do have some experience already with working this way with rural and remote families and will be harnessing and expanding on that valued lived experience.
  • Please be reassured that our team have been already working together to problem solve and to plan ahead and share resources  as we start to make this adaptation and we will be continuing to do this.
  • This is a new way of working for many of our therapists as well as for families and there will be a period of adjustment.
  • We do have a wealth of clinical expertise within our team and within out networks, as well as creativity, energy and enthusiasm for our work with your children that we will be able to harness to use.
  • We will continue to focus on your child’s goal areas first most and on your areas of priority of need as their parent.
  • We are in process of development of resources to enable us to adjust to ensure continuation of services.
  • We can continue to work with other professionals and agencies as needed.  The Zoom platform has capacity for us to provide joint consultations and team meetings as needed.

Payment Options:

  • Billing for remote services with your child’s therapist will be at the same hourly rate you pay currently.  If there is preparation time required by the therapist this will be discussed and agreed upon with you beforehand.
  • You can readily use NDIS funding or Helping Children with Autism funding for remote consultations.
  • Unfortunately Medicare rebates at this stage do not  cover remote telehealth ( remote consultations) services for  Occupational Therapists or Speech and Language Pathology. We understand that this is under negotiation through our professional bodies and may change.


Next Steps:

  • We realise that right now life is full of bombardment  in relation to changes and decisions to make. It can be hard to think clearly with so much going on.
  • You may feel you want reassurance and a plan sooner rather than later and want to meet very soon and to work with us to develop a plan will help you feel more regulated.
  • You may feel you would like to hold off on planning discussions for a while and as such can advise that you want to put therapy services on hold.
  • Either way, do let your child’s therapist know what you are feeling and wanting and they and we as a practice will do our best to be responsive to your individual needs.
  • For families who are on our registration / wait list, thank you for your patience,  we will be in touch as soon as we are able.

Please Note:

  • Some therapists may need to change their work days and times during this period. If they do not return your contact straight away be reassured that they will be in contact as soon as they are able.
  • You can continue to call our reception on 92878538 as usual and use the email address for admin queries or to pass a message on.

We welcome your feedback and collaboration as we move forward and through this period to the other side!

From the Sensory Connections team.