We value and take pride in an approach that:

  • Is Relationship Based, where assessment and intervention are dynamic processes in which a child’s caregivers play an essential role.
  • Takes an account of Individual Differences through respecting the uniqueness of each individual and family and starting with their strengths whilst working on the areas of need.
  • Is Developmentally Focused, where we meet the child at their developmental level and build from there. We believe that an emphasis on strengthening early fundamental developmental levels of shared attention, social engagement and reciprocity is critical in developing a foundation for thinking and learning for children, at all ages.

Interventions are designed to achieve functional outcomes that support the child with what they want and need to do.  We work towards the big picture goal of supporting the child's sense of mastery of themselves as a competent, related person with a range of developmental capacities. Therapy goals must be specific, drive intervention and be relevant to the child within the context of their family and their community.

Our Model

We use Developmental, Relationship-based Interventions (DRI) in our practice at Sensory Connections.  This approach follows best practice guidelines for early intervention and is evidence based.  For more information, see: