Basic information about subtypes of sensory processing disorders or features

Favourite Developmental and Relationship Based Program Information Sites  DIR & Floortime Resources & Training    Free Parent Training   DIR & Floortime Resources & Training Research page relating to PLAY project DIR. Healthy relationships with Videos Parents & Professionals Dr. Joshua Federer Advocacy for Parents, DIR & Reflective process  Paediatric Psychology Blog for Parents    Relationships and the brain  Social Thinking resources Michelle Garcia Winner Social Communication Emotional Regulation Transactional Support    Great Video about growing a healthy brain and influences of healthy emotional experiences through relationships Health & Development of Infants and Toddlers Health & Development Newborn  Infants World Infant mental health

Highlighted Section of Book ca. 2001
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Information about Sensory Processing and Emotional Regulation

Basic information about subtypes of sensory processing disorders or features including dyspraxia STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder Website for sensory integration resources & training


Training and information for ADULTS with sensory processing differences  Self-regulation, Emotional control by Leah Kuypers

The Importance of Interactive Play Experiences for Healthy Development

Brains at Play 

serve and return interactions shape brain circuitry   

why interaction matters

Most Helpful Autism Related Recognizing and Treating Early Signs of Autism

interacting with autism Video resource information relating to autism a really helpful resource which is very easy to access – check out the understanding autism videos.  Video Glossary Interventions and updates.  Choosing the right therapy. Helping Parents make right decisions with evidence Profectum Parent Program on the FCD and DIR model

Information about how the brain works including individual differences around learning

About working memory

Executive Functioning 

web radio talks on learning differences from Stanley Greenspan 

All About Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Association of Western Australia Therapy for ASD Explained  The role of  the Occupational Therapist  Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy Webcasts on the DIR-FCD Model Children’s Play & Occupational Therapy

All About Speech and Language Pathology Speech Pathology Australia — Resources for the Public  Language development: an amazing journey  Language development: 3-12 months The Hanen Centre The PROMPT Institute Speech-Language Therapy Information Communicating Partners The Communication Trust — What Works  Speech Therapy Research Communication in Context Spotlights  Speech Language Communication Webcasts on the DIR-FCD Model


Relationship Based Education  Relationship-Based Education – fantastic video clips illustrating different principles of inclusion Profectum Educator Resources Corner  DIR Floortime School helpful resources at this site  School inclusion: You’re going to love this kid!

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Our Local Community Resources

The Kai Botsis Charitable Association Inc  link to a video of a self parent sponsered by the KBCA Early Childhood Intervention Australia, Western Australia Chapter Autism Services Handbook for Western Australia Developmental Disability WA  Local advocacy organisation with many great resources

Autism Advisory Program WA  link to the western australian program that can provide advice and support for families and individuals

legal-rights  information for parents of children with disabilities

Telethon Kids Institute Perth – Autism Research  UWA Paediatric Living Lab — a range of sports coaching programs  for children with motor coordination issues run by the Sports Science department at UWA.

Sport options and resources for families of children with autism and disability in WA Noah’s Ark Toy Library

https://www.pmh.healt  Keeping Kids in No Distress : KKIND is a new service at PMH which aims to minimise trauma, anxiety and distress caused by illness, injury and being in hospital Independant Living Centre of Western Australia — Advice on equipment, technology & services Living and Participation Grants — People with disability can apply for equipment, resources, activities and projects connected to their particular social and recreational goals.Disability Advocacy    
Australian Advocacy Organisation information including disability related  http://National Disability Insurance National Disability Standards for AustraliaNational Disability Advocacy Program   for those with disability and carersCarers WA  information and links to respite help for familiesCooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism – AustralianActive Library in Perth  – this is a resource library for disability information open to all to join and accessBilingual Families Perthnoahs ark toy Libary       Noah’s Ark WA is a unique service that connects families, therapists and educators with toys, resources and information to support play and development.

Equipment Suppliers for Sensory, visual supports  and other Helpful Equipment and Toys!     Perth based

Skill Builders (motor and sensory tools) —

Seamless compression clothing for calming

Sensory Tools (motor and sensory tools) —

Multi Sensory toys and Equipment —

Resources for Autism & Asperger’s syndrome. —

Calming Kids (weighted equipment) —

Multi Sensory Equipment suspended equipment —

Therapeutic aids and Equipment —

Melville Foam Supplies — Make up simple foam equipment

Special Needs Books and Publications —

Childrens Therapy Network —

Life Skills 4 Kids —

Therapy Products (lycra products) —

Sensory Kids Outlet —