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Stephanie Rakich

Steph  completed her Bachelor of Arts in Education (Early Childhood Education) in 1991 at Curtin University, majoring in psychology.  Prior to her work at Sensory Connections, Steph worked in early childhood education for 10 years in school settings and a language centre.

She has worked with  Sensory Connections since 2011, working closely with senior therapists during  both group and individual therapy sessions.  Steph  has completed many training workshops over the years including DIR/Floortime, Early Start Denver introductory training, Social Thinking, Rhythm2Recovery therapeutic drumming, as well as individual and team mentoring.   She has a strong devotion and joy for working with children with exceptional needs and is passionate about supporting their learning  and development in a wholistic way.

Steph  is able to offer ECI services as a n early childhood teacher. As an educator she is able to collaborate with other team members and use agreed upon intervention strategies.  She is able to involve the child in developmentally appropriate activities that respond to the social emotional, communication, cognitive, and physical goals and individual needs of the child.  Steph primarily works in the natural environment of the child at home , day care, or kindy.

She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

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