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Kathy Walmsley

Kathy has a wide range of experience as an Occupational Therapist over a 36 year period, and has specialised in working with children and families over the past 21 years.  She was fortunate to have been taught by Dr Stanley Greenspan and Dr Serena Wieder while working in the USA, and to attend post graduate trainings in the fields of developmental disability, Infant Mental Health as well as a number of occupational therapy intervention approaches over the years of her practice.  Kathy has a great passion and expertise in assisting families of children with developmental disabilities to maximize their child/s potential development using a relationship and play based developmental approach.

As well with her direct work  with children and families at Sensory Connections,  Kathy is involved in tutoring/supervision of other professional staff both within Australia and internationally and she runs both national and international training workshops for professionals and parents.

Kathy is the Therapy Director of Sensory Connections. She is constantly keep up with the latest research in the field and working on ways to strengthen our practice to improve outcomes for children and families.

Email: kwalmsley@sensoryconnections.com.au

Mobile: 0424 288 779


Sharon Campbell

Sharon has been working as an occupational therapist  with Sensory Connections since 2007. Prior to this she had 5 years of experience working as a paediatric physiotherapist.

Sharon has worked in a variety of environments with children with developmental disabilities, including school and community based settings. She spent two years working as a volunteer in a Children’s Home in Bosnia and Herzegovina , where her role included supporting local staff in their care-giving duties, as well as direct work with children who had or were at risk of developing a disability. Sharon is really passionate about working with families of children who are experiencing developmental challenges.

Sharon has a broad range of skills , which she applies within a developmental relationship-based model in her work with families and children in both a home and clinical setting. She has undertaken numerous workshops and training’s in developmental and relationship based approaches such as DIR, Social Thinking, Mental Health, as well as  training in sensory processing, listening therapies, mealtimes/ feeding development.   Her primary area of interest in working in early intervention, working with children in supporting development of peer relationships as well as parent child coaching.  Sharon works with us at Sensory Connections on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Email: scampbell@sensoryconnections.com.au

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Leigh van Heerden

Leigh has been working as an Occupational therapist since 2003 in a range of different settings including hospitals, clinics, schools, and community work as well as in private practice in South Africa, England, and Australia.   She is especially interested in and passionate about working with children with autism, sensory processing and regulatory challenges, learning problems, motor problems such as dyspraxia, and attentional problems.  Leigh has considerable experience in working with school aged children and adolescents as well as early intervention.  She is able to use a range of different intervention tools both structured and naturalistic such as floortime.  Leigh works with us part time.

Email: lvheerden@sensoryconnections.com.au


Kerry Wallace

Kerry is an Occupational Therapist with nearly 4 decades of experience in the field and joined our Sensory Connections team in 2017.  She is an expert clinician in the field of early intervention with infants, toddlers, and children.  Kerry has extensive qualifications in neuro developmental therapies, sensory processing including listening therapies.  For many years Kerry ran private practices in her home country of South Africa and is involved in supervision , mentoring and training programs for parents and professionals. Kerry has undertaken extensive training in Developmentally and Relationship based approaches and she has been selected for the trainer program in DIR/Floortime with Profectum following her completion of the Fellows Training Program.

Working with the parents of young children to support them and help them become the primary agents of change for their child’s development is Kerry’s passion.  She will primarily be working in Early Intervention in her work with Sensory Connections.

Kerry works with us at Sensory Connections on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Email: kawallace@sensoryconnections.com.au


Cath Patterson

Cath has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 2003 working in a combination of community based work, private practice and working in school settings.   She has been working with Sensory Connections since 2016.  Cath has particular interest and experience in working with kindy and school aged children with attentional challenges, sensory processing challenges, autism, dyslexia and learning differences.   She has extensively trained in sensory processing and sensory integration, and has also participated in trainings in  DIR/Floortime,  and Social Thinking.

Cath is passionate in working with children to help them develop their full potential and with using a relationship and developmentally based approach to her occupational therapy practice.

Cath works with Sensory Connections on a full time basis.

Email: cpatterson@sensoryconnections.com.au

Kate Saraga

Kate is an experienced paediatric occupational therapist having graduated from Curtin University in 2002. We are delighted that she has joined our Sensory Connections team in August 2017.

During her working life Kate has worked abroad and in Australia in a number of different team based and private practice settings with a focus on early intervention and school aged therapy services.

Kate has a particular interest in working with children with neurodevelopmental differences including autism.  Kate is active in her pursuit of professional developmental opportunities and has undertaken extensive post graduate trainings in sensory processing in relation to occupational therapy and other integrated approaches such as Therapeutic Listening.

Kate works with us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Email: ksaraga@sensoryconnections.com.au

Justine Shircore


Justine is an experienced paediatric occupational therapist. She has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Curtin University.  Justine worked with Sensory Connections in the early years of her OT practice for two years during 2012 and 2014 and we are delighted that she has returned to work with us again in 2019.    Justine has experience in a range of child development settings and experience in supporting children from early intervention through to adolescence.  She has worked with children in their natural environments in the home and at school and is skilled in being able to use a relationship based and very functional approach to supporting families and children with attaining their goal areas.    Justine has undertaken introductory DIR / Floortime training and mentoring and is continuing to pursue further professional development in this field. 

Justine will be working with Sensory Connections on Thursdays and Fridays.

Email: jshircore@sensoryconnections.com.au