Update June 2020

After an unsettled few months as a result of the pandemic  we are so pleased to be back working out of our practice in Shenton Park and also offering consultations in the child’s natural environment such as home as well.   We all  missed that  face to face contact with the children so much these past few months and feel so grateful that we are now back on deck, albeit in a modified way as a result of the pandemic.   As we are beginning to be able to see and connect with each other face to face it feels like the load has lightened and we are so grateful for the good management within our community and state! .

Through this process however we have needed to down size  a little primarily due to staffing loss and physical space constraints that have come about as a result of the pandemic.   The impact to this is that there  are  changes to the way that we will deliver some services such as our Little Steps  program and other peer programs to reduce the numbers of children in the program with the focus on dyadic work ( 2 children to one therapist ) .  We are confident that we can continue to work on the children’s goal areas with these changes and we also hope to provide more support in the children’s natural environments as well.  We will continue to offer tele therapy services combined with direct face to face work for children and families who we work with as we have discovered that there are many benefits to this which is one positive to come out of this experience.

Stay tuned for more updates!